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BWMeter 9.0.1 + Crack Patch Latest Version 2021

BWMeter 9.0.1 Crack With Keygen Free Download

BWMeter 9.0 + Crack Patch Latest Version 2021

BWMeter Crack for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. This is the bandwidth software used to manage the public network. It measures, monitors, displays and controls both incoming and outgoing traffic in your network. It enables users to manage browsing speeds, restrict specific websites, and check download speeds while surfing the Internet. The firewall feature built into the app allows users to grant or deny permission to specific programs and whether or not they should be running. Bandwidth monitors all firewall controls and any traffic that is generated from the computer to the network contains comprehensive tools that manage all domains in used servers also enables you to set specific speed limits and specify which apps to download and at what time.

It is easy to use and has more friendly interface for better performance. The program automatically analyzes packets of data and provides regular instant  BWMeter License Key updates that help distinguish between the internet and local traffic. The program can determine the source of the data packets and where they are heading to and create the specific ports or protocols they use. Users who are fond of downloading programs should install this program as a result of its excellent features. This will help you determine whether or not you are downloading programs at a faster speed.

BWMeter 9.0.1 + Crack Patch Key 2021:

The download process can be left to run on its own, after which you will return home, and be able to determine the number of hours used, speed and data used throughout the entire process. At the same time, users can easily see whether their networks are good or worse, and thus make major changes to achieve efficiency. BWMeter Torrent Key is used to control all internet connections and can be modified to restrict access to certain websites. It produces statistics on all network connections and operations. The new version is of great importance for both domestic and professional use. It can be used at home to protect children from accessing vulgar websites.

For example, parents can restrict access to porn sites, thus their children will not be able to log in without the required security credentials. This ensures that children are not exposed to vulgar sites. The program reduces the speed of your connection and its data rates. However, this provides regular updates on data usage which will guide users in creating monthly budgets. BWMeter Patch is a powerful bandwidth management software that allows you to monitor and control your firewall and all traffic (to / from your computer or network). This program packs in a simple layout with a tabbed interface, but it offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing all your network bandwidth.

BWMeter 9.0.1 Crack With Torrent Key:

BWMeter Keygen allows you to monitor, measure, display and control all the traffic on your network, so you can easily set a speed limit or specify which apps are authorized or blocked from using the Internet connection allows you to analyze packet data on local and internet traffic in real time. This feature makes it easy to monitor all activities of the programs that use the network. This program is reasonably easy to use, yet it also offers a rich set of options and features for experts and network administrators. Meter Crack is a powerful screen and firewall for controlling traffic. It measures, displays, and controls all traffic from your computer or on your network.

 Main Features:

  • The licensed version offers both graphical and numerical bandwidth.
  • It is fully customized.
  • Can import or export statistics whenever they are needed.
  • Controls all network adapters that are connected.
  • Its filters are more advanced and are used for measuring bandwidth.
  • Firewall feature.
  • Fixes bugs easily.
  • Supports ping for faster check on connections.
  • Traffic monitoring and speed limits are accurate.
  • Gives regular notifications on possible threats.


  • Is very reliable.
  • It is offered freely at no cost.
  • Has many features that are free.
  • Has options for the original version.

How To Crack?

  1. Go to the internet and download the software.
  2. Disconnect from the internet and install the file.
  3. Copy the cracked file and license.
  4. Locate the file and run the set up.
  5. Don’t run until the procedure is done. If it runs, exit the program for a while.
  6. Activate and run as an admin.
  7. Select the cracked software and install it.
  8. Use firewall to always block the program.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system of Windows 7, 8 and 10 of 64-bit.
  • Multi-core processor of 3 GHz.
  • At least 4GB free hard disk space.
  • At least 8GB RAM.
  • Screen display resolution of 1024*768.
  • An Open GL 2.0.


The bandwidth meter handles all the task mentioned before including firewall protection, monitoring and traffic control. Other advanced features of this software include is a Software that helps you to control your bandwidth and get daily reports. Unlike similar programs software has the ability to analyze Packed data. Also, BWMeter software has the ability to watch the port number and destination of packed data.

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